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Tony Abbott, leader of the opposition in Australia, doesn’t like contraception. Because if people can use contraception, then oh noes, they have sex. And even worse, because women and men can use contraception, some women have been taken advantage of. Really, women should stay virgin until they get married, because virginity is a gift to their husbands.

Yes. It’s really true. He did say all this. Take a look for yourself.

I confess that I laughed out loud when I read the article. Racing straight back to the nineteenth century, he is.

Jeremy, An Onymous Lefty, does a nice job taking apart the “save yourself for marriage” idea. You should head on over there and read it. But more than no-sex-before-marriage-for-women, Father Abbott has a rather nasty idea about women’s autonomy in this. It seems he thinks that they don’t really have any, that they can just be pressured into sex.

Well, yes, of course that can happen. But really, don’t you think that lots and lots and lots of pre-marital and extra-marital sex happens because – quick, cover your ears, Tony – people like sex. And even people who are women like sex. And they might choose to have sex because they want to have sex, not just because they ‘give in’ to some man. And that the fantastic part about contraception is that at last, women could choose to have sex, without fear of becoming pregnant. A good liberal ought to be delighted that people’s autonomous choices were made easier, not chewing his fingers and angsting over whether people ought to have sex at all. Or maybe he just doesn’t like the idea that women might choose to have sex, might be sexual beings, might have preferences and desires and make choices, all of their own.

It’s all pretty antediluvian stuff. Whaddya think Abbott will come out with next? And when do you think that the Liberal party will realise that Abbott’s conservative Catholicism might not actually be a vote winner?

Update: Forgiveness is overrated by SkepticLawyer is worth reading.

Rather, I’m suggesting that shaming is the appropriate response to public figures who get off on wallowing in their sin in public, and who then purport to advise the rest of us on the basis of that wallowing. Talking the talk requires walking the walk, in other words.


This is the second in what I predict will be a not so very occasional series about Tony Abbott.

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16 responses to “More stripes

  1. So he lost the RU486 battle and now Abbott is going back to basics and telling women not to have sex until they are married? Because everyone knows married women don’t have abortions.

    The Oz piece refers to his “charm offensive” over summer… um, didn’t he just stay out of the spotlight? I guess that’s more charming than when he’s all over the news. I don’t know whether to dismiss this guy or to be very worried.

  2. I’m confused as to why only women should stay virgins until they get married. What about the mens? Why are they still allowed to have sex?

  3. I made a trite comment on Twitter regarding conservatives’ fascination with what goes on behind closed doors & them needing to get a root.

    But women need to be seriously alarmed by the Mad Monk and what he could do if he ever becomes Prime Minister. Women’s bodies will not belong to them – again.

    People under the age of around 45-50 will not remember the days before the pill. Days when girls were kicked out of home or hidden in the country if they became pregnant. When their babies were taken from them to be adopted out. The alternative was a backyard abortion that was terrifying and extremely dangerous. Do we want to return to those days?

    Do we want to be returned to the times when women had baby after baby after baby and wore their bodies out?

    Ladies, think of the consequences of a life like that. You would most likely have to stay at home to look after all the kids because childcare would be out of the question unless you had an extremely high paid job. You and your husband (partners would be out of the question, would they Mr Abbott?) would find it almost impossible to buy a home because of the ridiculous prices they have reached.

    Oh, it’s just too horrible for a hot-blooded reasonably intelligent woman to contemplate, yet alone keep thinking of the “what if’s” of Abbott at PM.

    Just remember one thing. Politicians and the denizens of commerce don’t really want women to have more babies. They want them to have more consumers and taxpayers.

    Mr Abbott – why not worry about your own sex life and leave other people to live theirs in their own way.

  4. So, Abbott and his girlfriend were, in her words, “trying not to be sexual” because he was thinking about the priesthood and so they did not use contraception; instead they played “Vatican roulette.” Meanwhile, she was also shagging someone else. She got preggers. Abbott thought he was the father (because Vatican Roulette is the least effective method of contraception). He now wants his daughters to regard their virginity as a “gift.”

    I have two reactions:
    (a) TMI
    (b) These people should be in a soap

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  6. Rachel – don’t be ridiculous. We have a double standard to uphold here, and will give it our best!

  7. Usually when a man wants women to stay virgin until marriage, it’s because he’s afraid he wouldn’t stand up well to comparison.

  8. Look, I don’t agree with Abbott’s opinions… BUT … these are his personal opinions and he is entitled to voice them.

    What he is not entitled to do is to take his personal opinions and make them public policy vis a vis RU486.

  9. He still hasn’t learned the art of public commentary. Still hasn’t understood how to couch his opinions in language that doesn’t make them quite so scarey. But maybe we should be grateful for that – at least we know where he stands and can act accordingly.

  10. Rachel: “I’m confused as to why only women should stay virgins until they get married. What about the mens? Why are they still allowed to have sex?”

    Presumably he is promoting homosexual sex for men before marriage ?

  11. All makes sense to me. Too many men and women have devalued themselves and lost self respect. Sex without love is cheap. Women and men who sleep around have poor morals and are pretty selfish really. Its not a religious issue. I am no conservative but am oway over the sleep around, spread disease, get pregnant and then abort the baby mentality of the left.

  12. Chris is also commenting as Spana at Larvatus Prodeo.

  13. What do the women in the Liberal Party think about this? Anyone heard anything? Anything at all?

  14. @ Newswithnipples, I read somewhere a female Lib criticised what he said in the interview, but I can’t remember who she was. She was recently stood down from Immigration portfolio if I remember right. She didn’t criticise it harshly enough IMO.

  15. Rachel, the question is not ‘why are men still allowed to have sex?”. The question is who are they going to have sex with?!?

  16. Each other? ‘Though my guess is that Tony would disapprove of that too.