What to do on New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve, so as has become my custom in recent years, I will have a quiet drink with the lovely Mr Strange Land, go to bed early, and welcome the new year with the fresh light of a new day. I haven’t stayed up to watch the new year in since 1999/2000, and even then, it was a bit of a fizzer, despite spending the evening with dear friends of ours. Mr Strange Land and one of our friends had terrible colds, and by about 11.30pm, they could manage no more, so off to bed we all went. We were all Kiwis living in Australia at the time; if only we had thought of it, we could have marked the millennium at 12am NZ time, which was 10pm in New South Wales, and then gone quietly to bed.

As for New Year’s resolutions… I have decided that it’s time for a dry month, ‘though I am not an old man (the honour of your peers if you can identify that particular literary reference). I grow old, I grow old, and my body no longer copes with everything I throw at it in quite the same way any more. I think it needs a little rest. Unfortunately, my birthday is in the middle of January. However, Ms Eleven suggested that we could designate January 14 a special day, and I could have a glass or two of wine to celebrate. Mr Strange Land and I immediately wondered how many other special days there might be in January…

That’s all I’m resolving to do. Apparently, one resolution at a time is the way to go. That seems just fine to me.

Thank you for reading my blog in 2009. Thank you to the people who’ve agreed with me, and the people who’ve disagreed with me (I know, some of you have fall into both of these categories), to the people who’ve commented, and to the people who have contacted me off-blog, and to the people who come by and read, even if they don’t comment, and my family members and friends who read too. I’ve had an interesting year on the blog, and I have been enjoying the particular community that gathers here, many of whom I see at other blogs around the place too. I’ve found some new blogs to read when people have commented here – NwN and Mama in Macondo – I’m looking at you! (And some other people too, who I know I’ve found through comments, but NwN and MiM are the most recent, as far as I can recall.) May 2010 be a good year for you all.

Ka kite ano! See you on the other side on midnight.


9 responses to “What to do on New Year’s Eve

  1. Thank you for writing the blog. It and you are fabulous! Happy new year.

  2. Happy new year to you! Thanks for all your writing, and for linking to me – you are fabulous. A (dry) toast to the year to come – clink clink.

  3. I think January has all sorts of special days in it.

    The poem is TS Eliot’s “Gerontion”, I think. The next sentence contains a segue to “The Waste Land”.

    Lovely idea, if retrospective, to see the millennium in on NZ time. At the end of my matric/Year 12/whatever, when my friend Jayne (long no longer with us: repeat after me, cancer is a bitch) and I had finished our exams and gone up to Renmark to work in the apricot-drying sheds, we saw the New Year in by driving across the border into Victoria, thus crossing over form 11.30 pm to midnight, and then driving back and seeing it in again half an hour later.

    A very happy 2010 to you and Mr Strange Land and the Strangelings.

  4. Happy New Year! I’ve really enjoyed your blog this year, thank you for all your thought provoking posts.

    When my parents lived in the US, they could never quite see the point of New Year’s Eve, either, as it had already been New Year in NZ the previous morning.

  5. Happy New Year Deborah! I hope you continue to blog and that your family enjoys much sucess and health.

  6. Thank you for this blog. I’ve lurked here for quite a bit (there ought to be another way to describe it; I feel like I should buy a brown raincoat) and always enjoy the posts and the comments. A happy one-resolution-at-a-time to you.

  7. Just a minor correction. Karl and I did indeed stay up until midnight Oz time that year – it was just the two of you who went to bed. In fact we even woke wee Georgia up to see the new year in with us!

  8. Ahh…. I didn’t realise that – I thought we’d all gone to bed. You and Karl and (then) baby G. are clearly made of much tougher stuff than Mr Strange Land and me.

    And the most recent New Year? Up again ’til midnight and beyond?

  9. Your literary reference sounds like TS Eliot to me – it has the lovely line shortly afterwards..
    ‘I hear the mermaids singing, each to each’.
    As for special days in January, my birthday is 2 January. As with very many previous birthdays, it was spent tramping, in the rain, but at least with a cosy hut at the end of the day.