What do you want for Christmas?

Gentle readers, what do you want for Christmas? I know, some people who drop by my place don’t celebrate Christmas, but if you do (and most people in both my home countries do), what thing do you want? Name it! Not the big things, like a little bit of tolerance, a little bit of forethought, a little bit of care, a little bit of peace. But the actual, shallow, thing you want, just for you.

I’ll kick it off. I have pointed out to my beloved partner that it would be a very lucky woman indeed who got a copy of the remastered DVD of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. The one with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. It is a sad gap in my Jane Austen DVD collection, and I think it ought to be filled.

Wishes in comments please.


23 responses to “What do you want for Christmas?

  1. I had my partner all convinced we could buy each other a (small, affordable) work of art, but as Christmas gets closer and the budget gets spent on other people, and the Bloke gets more tense about the whole season, it looks like we’ll end up not buying ourselves anything.

    The Bloke gave me a torch, a lovely red maglite, for our first Christmas. His sister, we discovered a couple of days ago, gave her husband a torch back in the day too. It seems it’s unwritten family lore, give a gift that says: if you’re with me you’d better like camping.

  2. When asked by my Mum and Dad, I’ve been answering this question with “Money towards the new laptop I already bought.” I haven’t really thought about what to hint at from the hubby and kids. There’s a few DVDs I wouldn’t mind having – Lost S4 and BSG S4 – and I’ve run out of the Chai tea blend I like from The Tea Centre. I suppose I really ought to tell someone about them!

  3. A new, pretty, matched set of cups, plates and bowls for breakfast so we might pretend to be of the leisured classes and sit down to eat in the morning. I fantasise that it will make us sit in the garden, sipping and munching, discussing the news in the paper, instead of rushing around, grabbing whatever is at hand, chucking it down our throats and rushing out the door.

  4. That’s a lovely wish, M-H. My wish list always seems to centre around the sensational cooking ware department at Moore Wilsons (a Wellington institution with which Deborah will no doubt be au fait). I’d be very happy with either the tortilla press or the paella pan.

  5. A big photo canvas of one of my own photographs, not sure which one but one that I really like! lol

    Or if we are thinking really big, my own room/photography studio with lighting etc.

  6. Carol, I used to be very familiar with Moore Wilson’s (back in the 60s). My mother worked as a secretary in a law firm that MW retained, so she had a ‘card’ to go there – it was wholesale only in those days. The first watch my parents bought me, for my 18th birthday, was from MW and my mother and I picked it together. Later I used their shop in Palmerston North, walking distance from my flat when I was at Massey, which later became a Woolies supermarket. I remember buying the first towels I ever bought *just for me* there.

    Everything becomes about history at some point in your life, I think!

  7. I want a new handbag. Have send Ray about 5,374 images of suitable handbags so fingers crossed that he’ll get something good! And I want 2 books, thorlo running socks and a new dri fit hat (is that being greedy?). I’m almost certain though that I’m getting one of those t-shirts with ‘blow on the pie’ on the front. Not quite what I would have picked for meself.

  8. I have asked for a new non stick fry pan and some ink for my printer (Ive been out for months). What I’d really like is some huge romantic gesture 🙂

    Yesterday I bought myself the VHS of the Pride and Prejudice you mention (op shopped) and have added another piece to my pyrex collection. These are my presents to me

  9. I’d like a bottle of Laphroaig, please.

  10. I really really really wanted a copy of Absolute Death by Neil Gaiman for Christmas. And because my dear Nice Young Man thinks he will burst if he doesn’t give gifts immediately, that’s exactly what I got as an early Chrissie pressie. I don’t want anything else.

    Though I’d also be happy with what Pavlov’s Cat is after too… (just to be greedy)

  11. I want a day off to do…whatever. Shop, get a massage, eat out, watch a movie. I don’t want to have to organise the care for my daughter in order that I have that day off! And clothes…I want pants and tops and skirts!

  12. I would like British Airways to end their strike before I’m scheduled to fly to London on the 24th, and Stockholm on the 29th. 😉

  13. I would like a pair of warm, cozy moccasins that I can slip on quick in winter when I need to run out to the garage to find something my daughter left in the backseat of my car.

    I have informed my husband of this desire because it is something he would never think of himself though he is the best gift-giver ever! He is alway finding some movie that I always wanted but thought they’d never release on DVD or something like that. I am so lucky. 🙂

  14. For life to be better in 2010 than it was 2009.

  15. Domestic staff.

  16. Hideously sentimenal, but; my boyfriend. Who lives on the other side of the world and I’ve not seen in 4 months.

    …conveniently, he arrives on Christmas morn :).

  17. Pavlov’s Cat beat me to it.

  18. A book that makes me laugh.

  19. Nothing. Seriously. The Better Half brought a BluRay home theatre rig as a combination retirement(and new job)/early Christmas present. Tonight we went to JB HiFi to buy myself an early Christmas present — a kitset DVD case, because the piles of crap on the floor have finally got on my last nerve.

    On Friday, we’re going to exchange BluRays (Battlestar Galactica: The Plan for me; Inglorious Basterds for him), go out for lunch then go to ground for two weeks.

  20. This Is Spinal Tap on DVD. And maybe if I can be extra greedy a paddling pool.

  21. A pair of slippers and a nice bathrobe. No really! I had no idea this could happen to me. I used to want books and music, but now I go to the library or I borrow things and I just don’t want any more stuff at all to add to the things I need to pack when we move and dust when we don’t. Christ. Is this middle age? In my defence… actually no defence, no apologies.

  22. I’d like a new framed print I saw in Printmakers Gallery in Brunswick Street in Melbourne. It’s a lithograph, beautiful bright colours. I’d put it in my study above the desk so I can look at it every time I’m working.