Not in our house

Taxi driver to assembled Stranglings: “So, will you girls remember to leave a glass of milk out for Santa?”

Miss Eight the Younger: “No. We leave brandy for him.”

Miss Eight the Elder: “We did a test. We left milk and brandy and he left the milk all alone and drank the brandy. So now we always leave him brandy.”

Miss Eleven: “And a carrot for the reindeer.”


7 responses to “Not in our house

  1. Brilliant scientists they are!

    I am enjoying what I am sure will be the last year without a list of demands and insistance on proper Santa procedures.

  2. We had a quick visit from Santa on the weekend, as I didn’t want to lug a heap of pressies across the Tasman when we make our own way across next weekend. It nearly all came unstuck when my son suddenly asked if Santa knew what he wanted. No Santa didn’t, because repeated askings had resulted in “I don’t know”. So at 6pm on Friday night, I made a phonecall to “Santa” who fortunately was still at work and able to procure a basketball from a Canberra shopping centre where late night shopping is on a Friday. That was a close one. When the little ones had gone to bed the other pressies came out of the cupboard and the ball brought inside and wrapped. I ate the candy cane and hid the Freddo frog they had left since neither of the “Santas” wanted to eat it. Then the next morning we made the kids wait until we had arrived at Nanny’s for lunch to open them.
    I’m sure that I was in kindergarten when someone told me Santa didn’t exist. So far No.1 son has made it through first class unscathed. Although there was a lot of explaining how Santa was dropping the presents off to be wrapped, since the wrapping paper had been in the pantry for a couple of weeks by then. I think it will be easier when they know the truth and we can just start the negotiations.

  3. Ha! Excellent reasoning 🙂

  4. Our 4year old hasn’t asked any questions about why Santa turns up at every Christmas party, even though he’s meant to only visit you once. Funny, that.

  5. At our house Santa prefers beer …

  6. Santa was a hophead at our house too. And apparently he always requested a handful of fresh peas in the pod, from our garden. Untidy sod always left the pods for us to clear up…

  7. Suggested further reading: The Midwich Cuckoos, by John Wyndham