Teh cute!

(Small brown Burmese kitten, sitting in a lap, looking at the camera, with a faintly unsure look on its face – “This is very nice, but I’m not quite sure what’s going on.”)


14 responses to “Teh cute!

  1. awww. I so want a kitteh.

  2. Ogden Nash:

    “The trouble with a kitten is that
    Eventually it becomes a cat.”

    Just kidding, I’m a cat person (as opposed to a dog person) too. It’s adorable.

  3. It’s my mother’s newly acquired (yesterday) kitten. It’s yet to be named. Because of reasons, Mum wants a name beginning with “M.” The Strangelings have suggested “Milly” and “Mouse.”

  4. Marmaduke?
    Hmm, I don’t think so. She looks like a Marama to me.

  5. I think ‘Mouse’ would be an absolutely, adorably perfect name for a cat.

  6. Molly? Unbelieveably cute. Kind of makes me want to have a kitten (but not to have a litter box). Or at least a cat that doesn’t mind you touching it occasionally (unlike our timeshare cat).

  7. My last cat was called Budgie, so I think Mouse is a fine cat name.

    But there’s also Minnie (and Maxie), Mandy, Moxie, Mopsy, Merry, Martha, Matilda, Marilyn, Madeleine, Muffin, Mystery and so on. A good Kiwi name would be Mintie.

    We’re assuming it’s female of course.

  8. It is female, and according to Mum, a lovely wee cat. It “helped” her to sort through her piles of food magazines yesterday, mostly by playing with the pages she was ripping out.

  9. I know that look: It’s “I don’t know if I can eat that, but it’s worth a try.” 🙂

  10. I always thought the name my youngest sister gave her cat was great… Mandu (as in Kat).

    PS: Been lurking for ages, and really enjoy the writing. Thanks!

  11. Lovely to hear from you, Kiwi Lindsay. I know there’s a number of people who read but don’t comment, and it’s always nice when someone decides to delurk, or contact me by e-mail. I’ve had some fascinating e-conversations with a couple of people off-blog.

    Mum reads my blog. I hope she’s taking note of all the helpful suggestions.

  12. My beloved late moggy was called Maggie, after Maggie Simpson (well, she was a baby when we got her). She succumbed to old age last year, yet Maggie Simpson still can’t even talk. Go figure.

  13. mandu is a goodie, I notice the “cat holder” (i’m guessing that is your mum in the photo Deborah) is actually wearing a little katmandu too 🙂

  14. That is indeed my mum, in her Katmandu jacket.