Why things have been a little quiet around here

Tuesday 24 November: Car smashed.

Wednesday 25 November: Strangelings’ friends here after school. Marking.

Thursday 26 November: Mr Strange Land departs for foreign parts ( which rather handily means that we don’t have to juggle use of the remaining car). After school drama lesson for Misses Eight, cut short to accompany me to singing lesson. Singing lesson. Marking.

Friday 27 November: After school drama lesson for Ms Eleven. Marking.

Saturday 28 November: Marriage equality rally. Marking.

Sunday 29 November: Girls at rehearsal 10am to 1pm. Marking.

Monday 30 November: Finished marking. Nothing after school

Tuesday 1 December: Singing 11.30am to 2.30pm, more singing at 6.30pm, accompanied by children.

Wednesday 2 December: Friends around here for barbie.

Thursday 3 December: Mr Strange Land returns. After school drama lesson, cut short to get Misses Eight home to Mr Strange Land so that I can attend singing lesson.

Friday 4 December: Get the news that my car is being written off. Go and collect registation certificate and number plates. Feel a little sad – I liked that car. Full dress rehearsal from 4pm to 7pm for the Strangelings. Carol service at which my choir is singing, plus a friend and I are singing a duet, starting at 7pm. Mr Strange Land has the car to collect the girls; I get a lift with my friend.

Saturday 5 December: Girls’ performances (two shows). Why yes! They were the most marvellous ducklings and frogs you have ever seen.

Sunday 6 December: Girls audition for next year’s first term show at 1pm. My end-of-year concert at 6.30pm, at which the girls are also singing.

Monday 7 December: School singing evening.

Tuesday 8 December: Nothing.

I’m holding out for Tuesday.


2 responses to “Why things have been a little quiet around here

  1. While the schedule sounds a bit dire, I do envy you all that singing.

    Speaking as one who did not and should have, I hope you got yourself checked out by your doc after the crash.

  2. Deborah, I entirely sympathise with your schedule. We’ve got just the two kids, younger than yours, and find fitting everything in incredibly difficult. It’s not helped by the youngest still learning the art of sleep. Combining work with dance lessons, swimming lessons, mum’s group parties, work functions, work, some travel and the need to occassionally find somewhere to sit that’s not covered in washing… next to impossible. My blogging’s much diminished by my family and work responsibilities and I’m desparately hanging out for Christmas (and a holiday in Aotearoa). I hope you have a great break.