Friday Feminist – Mary Astell (3)

Some good Examples indeed are to be found in History, tho’ generally the bad are ten for one; but how will this help our conduct, or excite in us a generous Emulation? since the Men being the Historians, they seldom condescend to record the great and good Actions of Women; and when they take notice of them, ’tis with this wise Remark, That such Women acted above their Sex. By which one must suppose they wou’d have their Readers understand, That they were not Women who did those Great Actions, but that they were Men in Petticoats

Mary Astell, Some Reflections Upon Marriage, 1700


One response to “Friday Feminist – Mary Astell (3)

  1. I really like her because she stood up for womens’ God given rights when no one else did. You go girl! lol I ‘m actually doing a project on her at school and I am doing it with a smile on my face because women like her are the ones that granted modern girls like myself the liberty to live without having to worry about our rights being stomped on!