Learning to read

Giovanni directed me to this painting by Giacomo Ceruti.

(image scanned by Giovanni)

He said:

Following the example of Caravaggio and especially Andrea Magnasco, Ceruti painted working class subjects, which was a novelty in those days. I thought you might appreciate the detail of a girl of humble extraction who was being taught to read – again, not a terribly popular pastime in Italy in those days. There is another lovely painting of his with very similar subject, “bobbin lace school”, but this one stood out for me due to that particular detail.


2 responses to “Learning to read

  1. I love this painting so much. And when I hear my mother speak of her childhood, two centuries later, and how little had changed, especially for women… Did I end up sending you the enlarged detail of the little girl’s face? It’s just gorgeous.

  2. Yes, you did. It makes me think of the pictures of your little girl. Beautiful.