Just a bit shaken

I had meant to put up a post about my short break in New Zealand, and I might try to, tomorrow maybe, depending, but I’m feeling just a little shaken. I was in an accident today; another driver came through a red light and smashed into my car as I went through on a green light. I don’t seem to be hurt, ‘though I promise to be wary with respect to whiplash injuries, and neither was the other driver. My car however, is not so good. The back left passenger door, and the skirt, and the rear fender and the rear panel, are all dented and broken about, and the left rear wheel is on a bad lean, and the petrol tank looks as though it may need to be replaced.

I do feel sorry for the other driver. He was definitely at fault, and he admitted it. But I think it was one of those moments where you lose concentration briefly, and don’t perceive something, like a red light. He must have spent a great deal of time afterwards thinking, “If only…”

Very fortunately, it was just me in the car. I might not be so forgiving if my daughters or my partner had been there, and had been injured or scared.

Yes, we’re fully covered by insurance, as is the other driver. This is a damned nuisance, but that’s all.


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  1. Eek! Glad to hear you’re ok.

    I gave myself the fright of my life a few weeks back when driving Caitlin to her singing lesson by sailing through a red light because I was preoccupied with fifteen different things in my head and had been on automatic pilot following a stream of cars all turning left on a green arrow. I went straight ahead and got half-way through the intersection before realising what I’d done. No cars coming the other way though, thank FSM.

  2. Oh, it’s horrible, isn’t it! Glad you were not hurt.
    Poor car.

  3. I’m so glad you’re okay.

  4. Another hand up to say that I’m glad you’re OK.

    How annoying to have to deal with panelbeaters etc though.

  5. No wonder you are feeling shaken. I’m really glad you were not hurt.

  6. Glad that you’re OK. 🙂

  7. I’m glad you’re OK, and especially glad there were no little ones involved!

  8. Crikey – very glad you’re OK!

  9. So pleased it’s the car broken and not you.

  10. Happy that your OK

  11. Wow, so glad you are okay and it will all be taken care of. Just watch your insurance premium though. We made a claim for a not-at-fault accident and our premium went up just the same, even though the other person’s insurance covered it all. Ratbags will get you any way they can.

  12. Yet another “Glad it was a broken car and not a broken Strange-lander”
    And a warning that this may shake your confidence for some time

  13. Thanks, everyone. I’m doing fine – no injuries manifesting themselves, and the insurance company has accepted the claim in full, and I’ve not been too worried about it today. I have found myself being very cautious when driving, in Mr Strange Land’s car, and no doubt that will continue for some time. Thanks for the tips, Mindy and rayinnz. Regarding confidence and the like, I had quite a long talk to my brother today. He was a police officer, working on the roads. He said much the same thing with respect to confidence. He also said to watch out for the “What if…” stage, ‘though it may not happen.

    As accidents go, it really wasn’t too bad. I walked away and so did the other driver, and through the grace of the FSM, even though my car spun 180 degrees, and ended up right through the intersection, I didn’t bang into the three cars that were lined up there. That could have made things a good deal worse (there you are, the first “What if”), but it didn’t happen. It happened right by my singing teacher’s studio, so there were people there to help me straight away, and my husband was there within 15 minutes. And after having made the mistake, the other driver did all the right things, slamming on his brakes so he hit me at a much lower speed, low enough that our airbags didn’t inflate, racing over straight away to check that I was not hurt, being straight up over what happened and not trying to blame anyone else (a bit hard to do so, in this situation, but it’s a reasonably common response by people who are stressed).

    I have to go through the same intersection tomorrow night, with my girls in the car. That will be interesting.

  14. oh. that’s awful. glad you are okay. and feeling okay xx

  15. Sending good thoughts. Take care, and I hope that all the organisational stuff that inevitably follows goes as smoothly as possible.

  16. I’ve blessed with only having a few minor prangs (mostly me versus a wall) but know it will only be a matter of when not if something more serious will happen.

  17. Thank goodness no one was hurt. I’ve run a few reds myself, but I reckon it was partly because there was no other traffic coming through or else I would’ve stopped to avoid hitting them!

  18. sorry, i’ve only just seen this now, and also am very glad that you’re ok.

  19. Thanks, stargazer and violet and stef and M-H and Third Cat (everyone who posted since my previous ‘thanks’ note). I’m feeling not-so-good about it today, mostly because I found that the other driver has fudged the issue of who was to blame in the police report. It could just be the way that the police officer he spoke to recorded it, but it made me feel a little antsy. The police officer thinks I was very lucky to walk away without injuries; he helpfully pointed out that if it had been a truck I would likely be dead. However, we also talked about classical guitar (he has a B. Mus in classical guitar) and opera, so I can forgive him the “What if” scenario.

    It looks like about $9,000 of repair work, so the insurance company may want to write the car off, which would upset me, and be a right nuisance. I was fond of that car. It’s a bronze Suzuki Swift (a.k.a. shopping trolley and kid taxi), and when I first got it, I took it around to show it to my hairdresser, and suggested that he should dye my hair the same shade. He laughed, and promptly did it. It could just be a little problematic if we end up replacing it with say, a blue car.

  20. I, too, have just noticed this. Oh, I feel for you! I remember you saying just the other day how much you enjoyed driving the car!

  21. Oh goodness! Just noticed, glad you are okay.