When you write a column about violence against women…

When you write a column about violence against women, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to fill out a bingo card in the comments thread, just like that. You’ll almost certainly be able to fill out the second bingo card too.

Paul Sheehan has written a column about male violence against women: One Giant Scar on Mankind.

The world is engaged in a clash of civilisations, purportedly about religion, but in reality it is about the rights and freedoms of women. This is the true flashpoint of our age.

It’s an excellent column, and you should go and read it. He’s written it in support of White Ribbon Day, which is held on November 25.

But the comments are something else… some quotes, from each of comments 1, 2 and 3, in that order. (The aphorisms for each quote are mine.)

But women are violent too:

Women are the main perpetrators of violence against children.
Women also perpetrate violence against men, and other women.
Maybe we should just say that violence against anyone is intolerable.

Why don’t you worry about real problems / here’s how you should be a feminist:

I find it disturbing that womens libbers in this country who are so vocal about such things as the St Paul’s outrage, and rightly so, are strangely silent in their criticism of the treatment of and attitudes to women by Muslims, outback Aborigines and other groups favoured by liberal causes.

You’re making it all up:

One-third of women are not necessarily assaulted in their lifetime. This “statistic” is a beat-up, including incidents such as a pinched bottom as an assault. Or men exposing themselves.

I really wouldn’t bother with the comments thread, if I were you. Unless you fancy a quick round of bingo.


4 responses to “When you write a column about violence against women…

  1. Wow – some of the comments alone could fill up most of at least one of the bingo cards.

  2. Same excuses as a abuser

    She is lying
    She is exaggerating
    She does it too
    She provokes me

  3. That article needs to be read. I’m linking to this post.

  4. I’d like to submit for your consideration a form response to BS Bingo-speak:

    I am not a giant telepathic squid from Dimension X., therefore, limited as one is by puny human modes of communication, I cannot discuss and/or exhaustively analyse every subject in the ‘verse simultaneously. (Assuming, that is, you attempts to derail my train of thought are worth serious attention.)


    Hope that helps. 🙂