And so it begins…

Miss Eight the Elder, in the back seat:

Mum, you’re driving over the edge of the lane.

Sigh. Indeed I was, but it was a narrow street, and you need to drive over the mid point of the road, and to pull over to the kerb if another car is coming the other way. (If you can detect defensive overtones in this, you’d be right.)

But was it worse or better than Miss Eleven’s helpful comment? A few weeks ago I took her out of school for the day so she could come to my lecture on Mary Wollstonecraft. She loved it, and as we left, chattered away to me about it, coming up with some very good insights. But then….

Not to be rude or anything, and your lecture was really good, but there’s just a couple of things you could do a bit better.

Apparently I say “um” too much, and sometimes I talk too fast.

Sigh (again).

The younger Miss Eight has yet to offer me any helpful hints about things that I could do better, but I’m thinking that it’s only a matter of time.


6 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. Sigh.

    A few weeks ago we left the kid with his grandparents for the night, they put him to bed and gave him a cup of milk. He looked at the cup and sighed audibly before saying “with a lid, Granma, I need a cup with a lid”. He even did patronising lidd-ish movements with his hand over the cup.

  2. I hope you realise that you now have a life time of correction (of your tiny faults) to look forward to
    Actually it made me realise that my sons (add 20 years to your girls ages) never offer advice
    Does this mean I am perfect, not likely,I think correction is delivered as humour in our family

  3. I’m constantly being told by the child that I am ‘doing it wrong’ but it usually in comparison to mother and grandmother. It should grate on my nerves but I imagine her mother and grandmother get even more infuriated when the tables are turned.

  4. The backseat driving started in our family when my son could barely talk. We were living in Alice at the time and had a 4WD and could either take the tarred road from home to the main road, or go around the back of the houses out to the main road. We called it the ‘special way’. My son couldn’t say special so he’d yell “busu” from the back seat every time we went past. He’s been backseat driving ever since.

  5. Hey! My eight year old is *constantly* saying, ‘Mum, no offence, but…’ or ‘Mum, I’m not being disrespectful to you, but…’ or ‘Mum, please don’t think I’m being rude…’ or other such things

  6. I get told off by my 8 yr old for driving too fast, you know, like when I’m doing 60 in a 70 zone, that kind of thing. And also for running orange lights, which yeah, I’ll plead guilty to.

    My oldest used to preface offensive statements with “I don’t mean to be rude, but…” which I took to interrupting with “Then whatever it is DON’T SAY IT!” and then refusing to listen to him. He doesn’t do that any more.