Friday Feminist – Marilyn Waring (8)

I wrote my first letter to the Clerk of the House requesting a creche or child care facility in the buildings – not just for staff and members, but for the parents coming in to watch and hear Parliament. One of them must stand in the corridor with their children under eight who cannot be admitted to the House, waiting for the rest of the family. It would not surprise you to see which parent that inevitably is.

Marilyn Waring, Women, Politics and Power, 1985


2 responses to “Friday Feminist – Marilyn Waring (8)

  1. Such an important woman in late 20th century NZ political life. Thanks Deborah. And you know she used to knit in The House?

  2. Yes! I can recall people being terribly upset by it.

    I have a friend who used to knit in philosophy seminars, to keep herself awake and concentrating. When she presented her midterm paper (half way through her PhD), I took my knitting along.