PSA: It’s time to make your Christmas cake

There are nine weekends until Christmas, not counting this one. So you should be starting to think about making your Christmas cake sometime soon. This will give you plenty of time to pour libations of brandy into it as it matures at the top of your pantry.

I recommend my grandmother’s recipe.


4 responses to “PSA: It’s time to make your Christmas cake

  1. Ooh lovely. I usually make a dutch-srilankan version made with semolina and rosewater amongst other odd ingredients. One year I branched out with a chocolate yule log, it is nice to ring the changes.

  2. Ahh you have snapped on my labour day project!

  3. Jeez, it’s hard enough to remember that there’s only 9 weeks left to plan your Christmas break!

  4. Looks great. I look forward to the day when the other half of inherited recipes are “my grandfather’s recipe”.