Party food

For Stef, who has been known to request food pr0n.

From Miss Eleven’s birthday party:


Ham and egg club sammies, and honey soy chicken wings


Pies, served with tomato sauce. Alas, these were not home-made; I ran short of time. They were okay, but not great, so next time I might try making my own. Or get some from a good quality bakery instead of relying on the supermarket freezers.


Heart-shaped fairy bread. You get extra credit if you cut the bread into special shapes.

That was the main part of the meal. We also had bowls of chippies (crisps), and a choice of lemonade, or orange juice, or lemonade-and-orange-juice.

Then for dessert I made:


Raspberry drops, meringues, chocolate coated strawberries, and fruit and lolly kebabs.

At the end of the afternoon, we cut the cake (the usual completely reliable yoghurt chocolate cake), which Miss Eleven decorated herself.


Each guest went home with a small bag of homemade fudge, and a large slice of cake.

Miss Eleven devised the menu herself, and went through it with me very carefully, to be sure that she wasn’t making unreasonable requests (she wasn’t, at all).

It was a remarkably easy party. The girls entertained themselves with a talent show, Mr Strange Land did some work (!) while I did some last minute food prep, and then we set the table together before calling everyone in. The girls were all beautifully behaved, passing food to each other, making sure that everyone was happy, and generally being polite and helpful. I was impressed.


6 responses to “Party food

  1. Awwh how sweet and I love it.

    The Child’s birthday is coming up soon. While the mother is likely to throw a full-on party for the kiddo we’ll likely do a birthday picnic with her papa so I shall be pinching your ideas.

    I love the decorations on the cake. If you ever pass through Auckland, I’ll make a huge batch of icing flowers for your girls to decorate with. They keep forever and hopefully will be let through quarantine!

  2. Can I just say how fond I am of your food-related posts? I am fond of your food-related posts. In this case, mostly Miss Eleven’s cake-decoratin’.

  3. Seems to me that it’s fashionable for adults to have kid-themed parties. Y’know, the sausage rolls, cheerios, fairy bread, animal biscuits, rice bubble cakes….I wouldn’t mind having those at my birthday. Or maybe I’ve had too much experience of kids’ parties lately. The food on those photos looks great btw.

  4. Happy birthday, Miss 11! Go you!

  5. Good lord must have been cooking for days beforehand!! Those no crust sandwiches are a lot of work.

  6. Your Raspberry Drops look, unsurprisingly, just like my Jam Drops – and I believe Americans call them Thimble Cookies as you are meant to make the hole in the top with your thimble. I find the rounded handle of a wooden spoon just as effective!