NZ Book Month – The Animal Undie Ball

animalundieballThe Animal Undie Ball, written and illustrated by Ruth Paul

Small children giggle when you read this book to them, because it has that naughty word, “undies,” in it. And should you need a synonym for “undies”, then this book is better than your average thesaurus: pants, bloomers, daks, jocks, boxers, pantaloons, scants, drawers, underwear, underpants. Very handy.

In rhyming couplets, Ruth Paul tells about the annual animal ball, to which all the animals come, wearing nothing but their undies (cue giggling from children). But one year, Elephant, Spider, Snake and Hen, all in knickerless state, crash the party, complaining that it’s unfair, because they have no undies, for varying reasons. After a bit of argument, the animals make a new rule for next year’s ball, so that everyone can come.

Animals big, animals small,
animals short, animals tall…
nowadays they hold their Ball
with not a skerrick on at all!

The illustrations are fun: click through to Ruth Paul’s site to see some of her work. And if you read this book, be sure to turn to the very back page to see the last joke.


NZBMsmlI’m taking up Ele’s challenge, and blogging a book a day in October, which is New Zealand Book Month. All the books are by New Zealand authors.


3 responses to “NZ Book Month – The Animal Undie Ball

  1. You’re showing up huge gaps in my knowledge of NZ chidlren’s books which I need to address. This sounds delightful.

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  3. I’m sure that’s because my daughters are younger than your daughter. I’ve simply been busy with small children, and books, for the last 11 years or so. Many of these books are ones that my partner and I, or my mum and dad, or various friends and relations, gave to our daughters. My mother in particular has been an excellent source of children’s books. She worked with children for about forty-five years, including 25 years in the Montessori preschool in New Plymouth, first as an assistant, then running her own classroom, and then running the whole school. She has a particular expertise in literacy, and a real eye for what books work well for small children.