Il corpo delle donne

Thank you, Giovanni, for the pointer to this nuanced documentary about representations of women on television.

Il corpo delle donneWomen bodies

Some quotes:

Since the only sign of desirability we are able to recognize is an explicit reference to sex, we have changed our entire imagery into that of a strip club. To film these images you have to position the camera before the shot the same way you do in pornography starting with the breast, the pubic area, thighs, exactly like a porn movie. But we are actually watching public broadcasting. (8.58 ff minutes)

The damage caused by the lack of visibility of older faces is not a small one: the faces showed to the public are only shaved faces, wearing make-up, ready for the screen to sell products, goods, or politics. (15.22 ff minutes)

We see only a few images of adult and non artificial women, and those images are fierce ones: these women are harpies that attack younger ones, with whom there is can be [sic] no aesthetic comparison. This is unfair because of the age difference, and the young girls are humiliated. what happens when faces can’t show their vulnerability any more. Where can we find pietas, sincerity, where can we look for those answers that stand the grounds for cohesion in a society? (17.27 ff minutes)

Watch with care. Some of the images are disturbing (eg. 22.56 ff). Even more disturbing is that I found so many of the images… ordinary.


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