Chally has the fifth edition of the revived Carnival of Feminists up at her place, Zero at the Bone, illustrated with a beautiful wordle of the words used in the posts in the carnival. The carnival has posts from feminists all over the world; make yourself a large cup of coffee, and go read.

dufclogoAnd the monthly Down Under Feminists Carnival is coming up soon. It’s being hosted by the fabulous Queen of Thorns, at Ideologically Impure. You can send submissions to QoT via the DUFC submission page, or if the page won’t work for you, send them to her e-mail address: qotblog at gmail dot com. Any feminist post, broadly interpreted, published in September by any down under blogger (broadly interpreted) is eligible for the October edition of the carnival. Just for once, this reminder is not going to be accompanied by a plea for people to volunteer to host the carnival: Lauredhel now has a schedule of hosts for DUFC that extends out to this time next year. Fantastic.


One response to “Carnivals!

  1. Thank you for the link, Deborah. 🙂 Now I’m off to submit a few last posts for the DUFC.