Just sayin’

This afternoon, I put together this flatpack bookcase from Ikea. I did it without swearing, without having to go back and re-do anything, without damaging the wood or paintwork, without even breaking into a sweat perspiration all-of-a-glow. However, I did cheat a little.


My cheating technique? I followed the instructions. Exactly.


5 responses to “Just sayin’

  1. The larger version of those shelves is known amongst my friends as the “marriage wrecker”.

    I did, with a team of pals, assemble such a thing with much merriment, and can advise against ever assembling furniture on a wonky floor in East Brunswick. Should you ever find yourself living in East Brunswick, where all the floors are wonky, you should buy furniture already assembled.

  2. Sounds like you are the handy one. From each according to their abilities?

  3. The “marriage wrecker.” Sounds like wall-papering a room, which my mother says is always good for at least one marital full and frank exchange of views.

    I avoided the problem by avoiding the bigger bookshelf (space constraints), and by doing it all by myself.

  4. I assume that you also shopped for the shelves solo? Because by the time I get to the lighting section of Ikea I am on a hair trigger, the Bloke has been instructed never to dally there. You may have noticed, there is still quite a lot of Ikea to go when you are in the lighting section. I mostly survive by people watching and turning anthropologist.

  5. I am an IKEA Queen. I love making IKEA furniture and have made lots of useful objects that have served me well for years. And I agree with your cheating technique. Exactly.