Joining the wordle party

Chally started it, and Lauredhel joined in. Here’s my wordle – a graphical representation of the words I’ve been using on this blog. It covers all the entries I’ve made this year.


You can make them at It has an option to simply paste in your blog URL to generate a wordle, but I found it only grabbed the front page. So I made my wordle by copying my entries for the year into Word, then deleting all the blog-machinery words (e.g. comments, categories), saving it as a text-only file, and then copying it all into wordle, which hiccuped a little, but came up with the goods.


3 responses to “Joining the wordle party


    I expect ‘cat’ and ‘book’ will dominate mine.

  2. Wordle’s a little hiccupy but it works beautifully! I like the prominent ‘jelly’ you’ve got!