Cat post (in lieu of actual blogging)

I am snowed under with work, and our neighbours have just gotten a dog. I regard dogs as stinking, slavering, obsequious beasts which ought not to be received in decent society. So herewith some cat blogs:

Wonderful cat walks, from

Cooper the cat photographer, from

Teacher’s pet from


11 responses to “Cat post (in lieu of actual blogging)

  1. I tend to share Deborah’s (and Graeme Lay’s) view of dogs too. I like Joe Bennett’s writing, but he loses me when he goes into canine raptures.

  2. I like cats but believe dogs have a place in society. The are great for people who are grieving, the just keep on smiling and acting goofy. The government should have dogs squads to send around for people who are sad.

    Cats to be more detached and don’t lick your face when you have been crying.

  3. Nooooo! Dogs are lovely and so huggable when you’re feeling sad! And they are just like cats viz. making you laugh with teh silly. I will bombard you with pics of our adorable furkids until you cave in…

  4. …Home now, one dog’s been in the creek… Hmmm you might have a point.

    OK! Ammunition! Resist the Ky00tness if you can.

  5. No no no. Closing my eyes. Not looking. Alleged kyootness totally resisted.

  6. ‘Though in moments of weakness I have to admit that my friend’s Bishon (?) is very sweet. He’s devoted to her. A few months ago, during the school holidays, I went around there. The wee dog had been playing with the children all day, and he was exhausted. My friend and I sat down on the verandah for an idle gossip, and the dog crawled onto her lap in a state of collapse. Very cute.

    But I still prefer cats.

  7. I find a Border Collie is an acceptable compromise. The most feline of dogs.

  8. A border collie is cat-like? I would have thought them among the most dog-like of dogs.

  9. “A border collie is cat-like?”

    Not physically, necessarily, though they are lithe and graceful dogs. I meant more, you know, smart. Spent my childhood watching them with sheep, though I admit that it is not difficult to run rings around a sheep.

    Border Collies also have that cat thing where they look at you as if to say ‘Oh, dear.’

  10. I found the pugalier – a breed I never would have gone looking for, but ended up with one – more catty than our other dog, who is a working breed type like a border collie (Kelpie/BC/Rottie cross, we think.) She is very obedient and stays away from forbidden things as if there’s a force field, while the pugalier will persist and persist in trying to raid the kitchen bin and occupy beds and couches, which is more like the cat M.O. He also turns around three times before he curls up to sleep or rest. Very catty!