Pick up your pens – activism time

I’m guessing that most Australians who read my blog also read Hoyden about Town (the whole world ought to read Hoyden about Town), but just in case you don’t, head on over there and read Lauredhel’s post about the proposed harmonisation of accessible parking rules. Under the proposal, people who are mobile, but nevertheless can’t walk far, will be excluded from using accessibility parking. Lauredhel has details about the proposed rule changes, an account of what it would mean for people who have limited ability to walk, and importantly, what you can do to help.

Call to activism: many people with disabilities to be excluded from accessible parking under proposed scheme


2 responses to “Pick up your pens – activism time

  1. Many thanks, Deborah.

  2. This is a really dumb idea. Years ago I was very ill and could not walk very far. I’d drive to the library and if I couldn’t get a park close enough I’d have to turn around and go home again. I knew that trying to get a mobility card would be difficult and I kind of felt like I didn’t deserve one because I wasn’t very disabled. In hindsight I should have got one, it would have made a big difference to my quality of life at that time.