Deborah needs

A google meme! Picked up from Mikhela at Fly My Pretty, who got it from Eleanor at The View from Elsewhere.

You type your given name and the word “needs” into google, and record the first ten search results that come up.

So, this is what google alleges are my needs, followed by my comments (in italics):

1. Some help with number 9
(Too cryptic – number 9 of what?)

2. To come back
(I didn’t need google to tell me that.)

3. Topix

4. An audience and a stage
(Hmmm…. does lecturing count? And blogging?)

5. A business plan
(Ah…. no.)

6. Your prayers and positive thoughts
(Given that nice scarlet A on my sidebar, and my general scepticism, I would rather you didn’t send these my way.)

7. Playtime
(But now you’re talking.)

8. A pink bus
(I have a perfectly good coppery red car. I dye my hair to match it.)

9. Business information and strategy
(Enough already with the business advice.)

10. Food
(Does chocolate count?)

What does Google think you need?


12 responses to “Deborah needs

  1. To get laid (I’m not going to comment on that)
    his own cooking show
    a concert partner
    a dern internship (whatever that may be – possibly “darn”?)
    the money
    prayers (everybody needs those)
    to take lessions in manners (it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms just recently)
    to be modeled after the cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show (who doesn’t)

  2. 9 is a very significant number.

  3. @Giovanni
    Well, that number 1 is a TMI moment!

    Care to explain? Bearing in mind my innate scepticism…

  4. Hehe, damn…OK, firstly there is a universal symbology, and there is a personal one. I am very careful with sceptics because I usually need to face to face with them…
    9 can be googled, I did, “what is the significance of the number 9”. This is in part a superstitious act on my part, LOL.
    I have a story round D. and the number 9 (lets not forget the Beatles song on The White Album and Charles Manson, no, let’s).
    For me 9 is the 9th stage in individuation and involves attempting to successfully integrate the ego with the Self to attain wholeness…for this explanation I may well be burned at the altar of intellect, LOL.

  5. Google says Dale needs:

    1 Some random girl Dale’s blog
    (sez you)

    2 To mature
    (and always will)

    3 A valium
    (Uh-uh. Make mine Ignatia)

    4 Less drugs
    (see 3. And I believe you mean “fewer”)

    5 Numbers for his new phone
    (Had my new phone six months and not used it yet. It’s for emergencies…I prefer my phones immobile. Who needs to be at the beck and call of tiny gadgets? Who’s in charge round here?)

    6 To go
    (Not yet ready to go, but the decision is not mine)

    7 A hug
    (Always welcome)

    8 To get out
    (So very true)

    9 A campaign to help local business in the Dales
    (As in up hill and down Dale)

    10 Real estate brokerage
    (Fish and bicycles come to mind.)

  6. Well, that number 1 is a TMI moment!

    Ironically, most of my results were about Don Giovanni.

  7. When I tried this the other day there were no results. But today, apparently…
    Mary Helen needs to be stripped down to her open diaper laying on the dryer…
    Mary Helen needs more time
    [ain’t that the truth!]
    mary helen needs to see solomon (her husband)
    [errr, no…]
    mary helen needs some competition
    [bring it on!]

    The other one is about Sr Mary Helen so couldn’t possibly refer to me!

    2 Kerri needs a man lol
    3 Kerri needs your help with raising the funds to make this all possible!
    4 needs to mind her own business & stop making fun of ppls groups
    5 needs help but gets only neglect
    6 needs to stop talking about how he will be stronger than Bush
    7 ‘needs to explain’ what he meant

  9. Yes, well, possibly we’re aiming for more-or-less the same state, merc, except that I call it eudaimonia and describe in terms of virtue theory.

  10. Who needs to be at the beck and call of tiny gadgets? Who’s in charge round here?

    Just so, Daleaway. I am still appalled by the extent to which we are in thrall to them.

  11. “Steven needs” a nickname.