I would write a long think piece, because I made a promise to Daleaway, and I intend to fulfill it, and I know exactly what I want to say, and I have written some of it, but my left hand is cramped up, which I think is the aftermath of slapped cheek fever, which is comparatively innocuous in children, but can result in nasty joint pain in adults (that would be me, whereas my daughter just got the rash), or it could be the result of swapping to a left handed mouse for a few days. Who knows. Whatever. It means that my ability to type is a little restricted at present. And whatever capacity I have for typing I want to hold in reserve for Blogging against disabilism day on Friday 1 May, because I have promised that I will make a post for that, and I want to make sure it goes up on the day.

So there you have it. Or actually, you don’t, to be precise. Because this blog is a bit of a nothingness at present. But that will pass.



5 responses to “Excuses

  1. Are you channeling Jean Paul Sartre? Admit it, you don’t want to blog because you’d rather play soccer.

  2. Please don’t apologise on my account, especially if you are unwell. Take the time you need to heal.

    If it helps with the prioritisation, I am also disabled!

  3. Even when in existential limbo, Deborah, this blog is still a good place to visit! Get well soon.

  4. I am also disabled

    I’m not – just temporarily having to deal with limited use of my hands. It’s frustrating, but only a nuisance, because I’m sure it will pass (even though the philosopher in me warns me that I should never make predictions based on induction). Anti-inflammatories have helped today, and I have been limiting my keyboard time.

    In the meantime, another daughter has gotten slapped cheek fever… I’m waiting for the third one to catch it too.

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