Live blogging Sunday afternoon

It is cold outside.

Sometimes it rains.

The fire is going inside.

I am marking essays.

Mr Strange Land is teaching the strangelings how to achieve world domination.

The strangelings are winning.

Update: 4.28pm Mr Strange Land says that the strangelings have taken to Risk like dogs to offal.

Update: 4.57pm Miss Ten has conquered the world. She is perhaps not the most gracious of winners. Mr Strange Land has declined to wrangle the game any further, and has gone out for a nice, peaceful walk. I am marking another essay.

Update: 6.16pm The strangelings have found Virtual bubblewrap, and they are happily popping bubblewrap on-line. It must be the 21st century. I think I will ask Mr Strange Land to pour me a nice glass of wine.


3 responses to “Live blogging Sunday afternoon

  1. I spent the afternoon at the beach. It was cold but lovely.

  2. Virtual bubblewrap rocks.

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