That was fun

I went to a book launch. This launch of this book. It was fun, but Pavlov’s Cat was there taking photos, and she has mentioned that she might blog it, so I won’t.

Except to say that I am delighted for Tracy, and in awe of her achievement, and amused that it was her children queuing up at the drinks counter, not mine, but somewhat chagrined that it was my child who disappeared towards the end of the piece, leaving me in an utter panic trying to find her, and just getting to that stage of desperation where I was wondering what the hell to do next and we’d used the microphone to ask people if they had seen her and where on earth she could possibly have gone and why, oh why hadn’t I sent her elder sister off with her when she went to the toilet and oh my god I haven’t seen her since then and maybe she had wandered out to the street instead of coming back inside and heart pounding and breath getting shorter and shorter…

… when she wandered around the corner from the out-of-sight area of the playground where she had been, safe all the time, completely unaware of the (admittedly momentary) panic, and totally unperturbed by it, but quite happy to be hugged.

We went and met Mr Strange Land for dinner, and I had a large glass of wine.

Now that we are all safely home, and she is tucked up in bed, I might have another one.

Update: PC’s post, with photos, is up: In which ThirdCat’s book is launched.


7 responses to “That was fun

  1. I am still mucking about with photos and things, and about to go watch some telly. Post up later tonight though. Lovely to meet you — and sorry about daughter panic!

  2. Why ever would you think that it’s not done to blog something because another blogger is? I’ve never heard of that.

  3. Well… yes… I suppose so.

    It was a lovely event, and blessedly child-friendly, and that meant that I could attend with ease. I think I was still a bit shaken by the missing daughter episode to write anything sensible. In any case, I do recommend PC’s account of the proceedings.

  4. The missing child bit was awful and it only lasted a few seconds for me – wouldn’t be surprised if you’re still a bit shakey even now…once when I was young, I deliberately hid from my parents in John Martins just to see what would happen and when the woman behind the counter held me up and asked if I could see them I said *no* even though I could…I was enjoying the lollipop. What a dreadful thing to do to a parent I now realise.

  5. My brother came up with the brilliant idea of ‘getting lost’ in Venture when we were kids (now defunct, sort of like a daggier Target, my partner had his first teen job there which rather dates him) because the first time he wandered away from Mum they gave him lollies. My mother sussed it out and told them not to give lollies to missing children in future.

  6. when I say it only lasted a few seconds for me, I meant that I was only aware of it for a few seconds before she (re)appeared, not that I only cared for a few seconds…do you know what I mean?

  7. Oh yes – I knew you had you only seen the tail end of it. And my own panic only last for a couple of minutes. As in, more than one minute, but almost certainly less than two. I got one hell of an adrenalin rush out of it.