Bits and pieces

A first for me – linking to some pieces that I think people who come by here from time to time will, ah, enjoy reading.

Satire – ur doing it rong:
Working women almost certainly caused the credit crunch
H/T: The F-word

A giant Godwin:
This isn’t socialism we are heading to, but it may very well be the other 20th century “ism”

Given my recent experience with helplines:
Helpline for books


3 responses to “Bits and pieces

  1. It’s hard to understand why the writer of the Irish Times piece (the first link) wants to sack all the women. Surely, given that women’s wages are lower than men’s, it would make more sense to sack all the men?
    Okay, satire it may be but it should still be logically consistent!

  2. Yeah don’t women get the jobs that men won’t do? And there are tons of men who would prefer to stay on the dole, rather than go into retail or hospitality or whatever other female-dominated industry.

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