There’s a couple of problems

The vet wrote to our cat today, to remind her that she needs to tell us that she’s due for her booster vaccination, and a general check-up.

There’s just a couple of problems. She can’t read. Nor can she speak. And even if she could do either of these things, I doubt that she would remind us about the annual torture trip.

Do you think I should write back to the vet to let him know?


8 responses to “There’s a couple of problems

  1. At least he wasn’t offering her a credit card 🙂

  2. How do you know she can’t read?

  3. Dear Vet,

    Thank you kindly for reminding us to remind the cat to remind us to take her to the vet. If it wasn’t for the helpful reminder about a reminder about a reminder that you so helpfully remembered not to forget, we might have forgot to remember to remind the cat to remind us. Thankfully, now we will not be able to forget to remember to remind the cat, but we still run the slight difficulty that the cat might forget to remember to remind us about visiting the vet, or worse, she simply might remember to forget.

    Concerned householder

    If the cat had been mine, that is what I would have done. But then, I’m strange that way.

  4. The vet should have written to the dog.

  5. What, you mean your cat isn’t doing your proof reading for you?

    I’d write to the vet asking for compensation.

  6. I think steven’s onto something here. If your cat can’t read the letter your vet has sent them then clearly there has been some deficiency in said vet’s attention to your cat’s needs. Sue!

  7. The vet actually emails my cat. So glad she hasn’t progressed beyond sitting on the keyboard because if she actually knew that a vet appointment was imminent she’d pack up and leave home for a week or so.