Mr Strange Land is very clever

Yesterday I was disconnected from the internet.

The help line couldn’t help. But Mr Strange Land was able to talk me through setting up a workaround in about five minutes.

For reasons, he wasn’t able to work on it last night (singing lesson, and then a pressing engagement with me and episodes 3.9 and 3.10 of Babylon 5).

But this evening, he spent some time diagnosing the problem, and reloading and updating software, and clicking various buttons, in that mysterious way that adepts have. And behold, I have internet access again.

He is very clever.


One response to “Mr Strange Land is very clever

  1. My older brother is an electrical engineer, and took care of all that sort of thing, and now the Bloke is a web guy and takes care of all that sort of stuff, and one way and another, I’ve been lucky not to have to learn much .

    Which is why me and the Bloke are 4Eva.