At the beach

We met friends at Wenderholm Regional Park today, for a picnic lunch. What a lovely beach, especially for children. A beautiful grassy park, with masses of pohutukawa trees, well supplied with picnic tables and barbeques, tui chortling in the trees, then a 5metre walk through native grasses to gently sloping sand, tiny waves, tidal flats, a low tide lagoon, all in between rocky headlands, with views out to Tiritiri Matangi. We saw dotterels and oyster catchers, and found tiny hermit crabs in the shallows. Sheer bliss, and just what we need after the long year settling into Adelaide. It is exactly one year today since we flew to Adelaide to start our new lives there, and much as I love it, the sights and sounds of home have restored my soul.


2 responses to “At the beach

  1. I am glad the return home is restorative. Maybe the vortex will suck you in again one day 🙂

  2. I recall that, after my only visit to Adelaide, I was relieved to get back to New Zealand for all its green stuff. I restrained myself from rushing to the nearest tree and hugging it for being so vibrant.