Apropos of this, and because I am fundamentally shallow, Mr Strange Land, take note of this:



6 responses to “Hah!

  1. Haha. That’s almost as good as the day I beat the Suit at minigolf (including a hole in 1).

  2. Cripes! That is an unbelievably massive score. Surely you found a hack?

    It’s a stupid game anyway. I’d already decided to stop playing.

  3. Mr Strange Land – perhaps you should take up monopoly again instead?

  4. Holy crip, you must have had a good board (as well as fearsum skillz, of course). That puts my 250-odd in perspective.

  5. Oh, I attribute it to my own shining moral virtue 😉

    That, and a high-potential board (about 2200, I think) with some very happy and very see-able combinations: -ler(s), -ller(s), -ter(s), -ailer(s). The longest word I got was “relaters” (I think), but I also got lots of 7 letter words.

    It was a very good thing, because Mr Strange Land had been on top for about three weeks, and although I had gotten into the 250s several times, I didn’t manage to get past him until I utterly thrashed him. Fun.