Celebrating suffrage

It’s Suffrage Day in New Zealand. 115 years ago, on 19 September 1893, the Governor, Lord Glasgow, gave the royal assent to the Electoral Act, and New Zealand women gained the vote.

My grandmothers were born in the early decades of the 20th century, one in 1902, and the other in 1914.

Both of these women grew up in a world where they had the vote. There was never a time, in their lives, where by virtue of their sex, they were excluded from voting.

My daughters will be the fourth generation of women in my family to vote. Already, in my mother’s family, there is a fifth generation of girls growing up, who are growing up in a world where they can vote.

Let’s celebrate this long standing freedom that New Zealand women gained, 115 years ago today.


2 responses to “Celebrating suffrage

  1. It’s my sister’s birthday today. She got a cool name and a cool birthday to boot.

  2. It’s definitely worth celebrating in itself and because there there are too many other places in the world where people still aren’t free to vote.