Lawns and other things

When you give your seven year old daughters bikes for their birthdays, this is what happens to your lawn within just a few days.

Terrible for the lawn.

But wonderful for the girls. Their delight and growing physical confidence is a joy to behold. There have been a few spills, like at least one per day, including some nastyish ones on the gravel drive, but after a sob, a hug and a drying of tears, they get straight back on, without any parental urging at all. They are now agitating to be allowed to ride to school, despite the exceedingly busy road we go along to get there.

I have said yes, conditionally. The conditions are that I need to have finished up my temp job, and they need to be able to get off their bikes without crashing, and we will be going via the longer but much, much quieter side roads, instead of along the shorter but far too busy arterial route into the CBD.

My job, however, is going to continue for a while longer. This is a good thing. When you are working in a temp job, and the contract is due to come to an end, and you can see that they still don’t have enough staff and there is work needing to be done, and no new staff are due to start any time soon, then if you are not asked to stay on, it might indicate that perhaps you aren’t doing as well as both you, and they, had hoped. So I was pleased to be asked to stay on. And I am, in any case, very much enjoying the content of my job, and the people with whom I am working, even if I don’t like the juggle between home, the job, the tutoring I’m doing at the university, and my singing.

So, on with the work. I might however, be back to blogging just a little bit more. My parents have left today, after a visit which we all enjoyed enormously. Instead of blogging I have been sitting up late with them, talking and drinking. They are such a bad influence on me. But I will miss them, their conversation, their company, their empathy, and their grandparenting (they are wonderful grandparents).

Even though it’s on with the work for a few more weeks, I have cut down my hours a little. Through hard and bitter experience in past years, we have learned that we can manage about one and a half jobs between us, before things turn to custard at home. We have for the past few weeks been doing about one and two-thirds jobs, and that extra one-sixth, just five or six hours a week (of actual at-desk work, not lunch breaks and the like) has been enough to make things tricky for us. I will be at home two days a week, which means that I will have time to run alongside the girls as they ride to school. (For the pedants among you, who will already have noticed that two days a week at home means a 60% job rather than a 50% one, I also come home early a couple of days a week, to collect the girls from school.)

How long before I get a bike of my own, do you think?


8 responses to “Lawns and other things

  1. Deborah, There’s no such thing as a partial job, your ether doing one, or your not. I think its fare to say you have a job. You might alternatively like to try counting how many jobs you do.

    Me, I’m building a space ship, thats the job at hand. It isn’t going to fly, it’s just for show, thats my job for the minute.

    Your blog, about your seven year olds (wow, more that one seven year old!, It’s a timely reminder about my now eight year olds, bike, thats been in the rain all winter. And yes, it’s lost its sparkle. I might ask her if we can turn it into a crazy bike, with the welding gear, as a job to do.

    Hey, That was a nice not blog you did.

  2. (I meant)Hey, That was a nice blog you did.

  3. Thanks, Steven. Nice to hear from you. Actually, I managed to read it as you meant it, first time around…. go figure!

    Building a space ship…. as one does, really.

  4. As a kid my Dad always said he had working plans for a flying saucer. I had hoped he would build it in his retirement – but not so far.

  5. Yah for bike riding! One of my earliest memories is of getting a split lip as four year old after practicing jumps with the boy next door!

  6. “My parents have left today, after a visit which we all enjoyed enormously. ”

    One of the disadvantages of being “in a strange land” must be the distance from your parents.

    We were lucky enough to have family living near by. We valued that not just because they were willing baby sitters but even more for the wonderful relationships our daughter and her cousins had with their grandparents.

    Internet, phone, mail and visits are good but not the same as on-the-spot grandparents.

  7. I think the question should be ‘how long will it before until you buy lycra?’. (ps there are photos on Flickr).

  8. You don’t have a bike? Oh dear. Best wishes for a speedy recovery πŸ™‚