The Suffrage-Eve debate

New Zealand was the first country in the world to extend the vote to women, in 1893. Every year, we remark Suffrage Day, 19 September.

This year, New Zealand will be holding a general election. And this year, on September 18, the eve of Suffrage Day, The Hand Mirror, with the assistance of the Auckland University Students’ Association, will be hosting a Suffrage-Eve debate. A team of left wing women politicians, all candidates in the up-coming general election, will debate a team of right wing women, also all candidates in the up-coming general election. Go visit The Hand Mirror for details.

Makes me proud to be part of The Hand Mirror team, ‘though the real energy behind this is the wonderful Julie Fairey, who put The Hand Mirror and the THM team together. Julie, you’re a champion.

If you’re in Auckland, why don’t you go along to the debate?

And if you’re an NZ blogger, political or otherwise, perhaps you might consider helping to get the word out about the debate on your own blog?


One response to “The Suffrage-Eve debate

  1. Thanks so much Deborah, I’m blushing!

    Not sure we may end up with all six being candidates, as the final two (one from each team) are not confirmed yet, but they will definitely be four candidates.