One year blogging.


320 posts.

1450 comments (merc was FIRST).

3247 spam comments deleted.

About 60,000 people dropping in.

One fantastic on-going on-line conversation with like-minded women – Julie, thank you so much for inviting me to join The Hand Mirror.

Two carnivals hosted – the 54th Carnival of Feminists and the second Down Under Feminists Carnival.

Several off-blog conversations with interesting people – you know who you are – ideas exchanged, support given, support received, in good days and bad. Thank you to my e-friends.

About ten posts included in carnivals of feminists and atheists.

Biggest day ever – 805 views, thanks to DPF mentioning my chocolate frog post on Kiwiblog. What does that say about the power of Kiwiblog?

The next biggest day – about 700 views, thanks to Larvatus Prodeo linking to my Anzac Day post.

Most popular post – the best playground in the world – about 2,400 views to date. I think it must come up in people’s search terms.

Most mysterious incoming link – to a post on the costs of parenting. Somewhere, on some forum for people who are both atheists and child-free, around the middle of June this year, people were talking about what I had written, or so said the ‘incoming links’ and ‘referring sites’ in my stats counter. But I could not see what was being said about what I had written.


Connection with family and friends back home.

Participation in a wonderful project with wonderful women at The Hand Mirror.

A growing sense of community with like-minded women and men here in Australia and back in New Zealand, with people whose spirits speak to mine.

Starting to find my own voice.


18 responses to “One

  1. Congratulations on your first blogiversary 🙂

  2. Good, honest stuff, congratulations and long may you blog.

  3. Yay for your blogiversary Deborah! Thanks for your wise words over the last year. Your blog has been one of the main reasons I started The Hand Mirror, because I could see there were smart feminist women out there writing cool stuff, so there was potential to do it together as a team.

  4. Congrats -you are not sick of it yet so you are doing really well. Most blogs seem to disappear within 6 months.

  5. Congratulations, Deborah!

  6. Congratulations Deborah, brilliant effort. (Who knows with all that traffic you could sell advertising on your site and retire in luxury- arrh!)
    Keep at it and we’ll promise to keep commenting. It’s a great site.

  7. Wow! Congratulations.

  8. Many happies on your first anniversary and hopes for many more.

  9. Thank you, everyone. Today I needed the love; my lovely aunty’s funeral was today, and I couldn’t get there. To be precise, I could get home, but I couldn’t get back to Adelaide again in time for the day when then Misses Six will become the Misses Seven.

  10. congrats on your success man. thats a lot o’ people

  11. Urrgh distance is a bitch sometimes. Congratulations on the twins upcoming birthday. We are looking forward to much food porn!

  12. Congratulations on a full year, Deborah!

    OneOfUs! OneOfUs!

  13. Deborah, Thanks for helping me to understand what Feminism is.

  14. Congrats on a year, it’s a good, always rewarding, blog.
    I have recently tried the coffee in Sanson and it is very good.

  15. littlegemsession

    Bravo, here’s to many more!

  16. Thank you too, Tigtog (lovely comment!), and Steven, and HamishM (glad to know you’re still dropping in from time to time, and that the coffee in Sanson is still good) and littlegemsession (that photo at the top of your blog today is compelling, btw).

    Steven – yours would be one of the off-blog conversations that I have learned so much from. A mutual education society, I think. Thank you.

  17. littlegemsession

    Shucks, thanks 🙂

  18. Well done Deborah, I regularly read your blog though less regularly comment (I share your “strangeland-ness” being a kiwi in Australia too).