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Remember to get your posts in for the second ever Down Under Feminists Carnival, which I’m hosting here on In a Strange Land. I’m planning to start working on the carnival over the weekend, and I’m aiming to get it up by Saturday 5 July, so you can spend a lazy Sunday reading all the wonderful things Down Under Feminists have been saying over the last month or so. Last day for submissions is Monday 30 June. So this weekend, look through your posts, and send me the ones you like the best. Or send me any posts you have spotted on other blogs that you think fit the brief for the carnival.

Here are the submission guidelines:

Submissions of all types are welcome: long thinky pieces, quick hits, images, vlogs, whatever you’re writing. All flavours of feminism are welcome, too. New bloggers and established bloggers. Formed ideas and unformed ones. Please don’t be shy – submit, submit, submit.

If you’d like to write something but don’t have a blog and don’t want one, you are welcome to send it through and we’ll consider posting it as a guest post. But blogs are quick, easy, and free, so why not get one of your own? Check out, or if you’d like a private/friends-locking feature for more personal posts. Carnivals are a great way to publicise your new blog or your old one, and to network with other feminists.

When you submit, it is useful if you choose a category, and write a brief description, perhaps with a pull-quote (a sentence or paragraph) that struck you.

*Note: If you’re submitting someone else’s post, please put their blogname in the Name box, instead of your own. This helps the host immensely!

Take a look at the inaugural carnival if you want to see how a carnival works, or indeed, just to find some good reading.

To send in a post, either go to the Carnival home page, and click the submission link, or got directly to the submission page, or at a pinch, e-mail your posts directly to me at my hotmail address: dfr141 at hotmail dot com.

And if you would like to host the carnival yourself sometime, contact lauredhel at her gmail address: lauredhel at gmail dot com. She’s got hosts for the carnivals planned for August, September and December (hurrah for Blue Milk, Audrey and the Bad Apples, and Queen of Thorns), but so far the list on the carnival home page doesn’t show hosts for October and November this year.


2 responses to “Send me your posts

  1. HI Debs – just a quick note to wish you well on the final stretch of getting the festival organised. Looking forward to it.

  2. Getting there, thanks tigtog. It should all be up sometime early tomorrow, I think…