A meme of fives

I have been tagged in the nicest way, and having spent the morning dusting and then sweeping, vacuuming and washing every damned floor in the house, and putting through five loads of washing and hanging them all on the line (cool but fine and sunny with a light breeze here in Adelaide today) , I’m looking for something relaxing to write about….

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Contemplating my expanding tummy, feeling my baby kick, and waiting. Also working on my doctoral thesis, but that wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as being pregnant, at long last.

Five snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:

Kit-kats, Cherry Ripes, Pinky Bars, chocolate coated raisins, caramello chocolate (anyone noticing a theme here?)

Five snacks I enjoy in the real world:

Kit-kats, Cherry Ripes, Pinky Bars, chocolate coated raisins, caramello chocolate

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Buy my own private jet so I could fly home to NZ for the weekend.
Stock up our wine cellar.
Get tablecloths specially made for our dining table (oval, 2.7m by 1.4m).
Buy books, books, books.
Do another degree (he’s got four and I only have three, so I’m in catch-up mode).

Hmmm…. most of those things I don’t have to be even a millionaire to do, let alone a billionaire. So that’s kind of a nice space to be in. And yes, I would do good works – that goes without saying, doesn’t it? The particular good works… well… funding for Women’s Refuge and The Smith Family Learning for Life and support for autism (research, funding for parents, that sort of thing) and micro-credit schemes.

Five jobs that I have had:

Shop assistant, accountant, philosophy lecturer, policy wonk, housewife.

Three of my habits:

Chocolate, wine, coffee.

Five places I have lived:

Whangamomona – You don’t know where that is, do you? It’s here.

New Plymouth – I grew up in New Plymouth, mostly, and my parents are still there. It’s a lovely coastal town, and I recommend that you visit it. Walk along the coastal walkway, drive inland for twenty minutes and visit Mt Taranaki (it sure looks like Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, to me), then head back out to the Surf Highway for what I’m told is the best surf in the country.

Dunedin – ‘tho that’s an exaggeration. When I was a student, first time around, I lived in the student ghetto around the university. Very occasionally I ventured south of the Octagon, but I had to be feeling brave.

Wellington – Mt Victoria, Brooklyn, Mt Victoria again, Karori, away up country then overseas then back up country for a few years, then back to Karori.

Canberra – highly underrated.

I have also spent about nine years living in and around Palmerston North, but I prefer not to mention that.

Five people I want to get to know better:

Only five? I’m going to cheat, and use up two of the five by naming groups.

First of all, there’s the wonderful women I blog with at The Hand Mirror, not one of whom I have met in real life, and I would so like to do so. We are a diverse bunch, and in some respects, not much binds us other than our feminism, and even then, we don’t all do the same brand of feminism. But I have the most tremendous respect for all of them. I hoping to meet some of them when we head back to New Zealand for a visit, hopefully early next year.

Then there’s all the wonderful women with whom I blog, not on the same blog, but through reading and linking to and commenting on each other’s blogs, both in New Zealand and Australia. That would be people like BlueMilk and the Hoydens and Susoz and Queen of Thorns and Third Cat and Pavlov’s Cat and Helen and Art and my life and Penguin Unearthed and Ruth and Lyn and Harvest Bird and Joanna and Jolisa and Make Tea Not War and … and … and … And there are the women who don’t blog themselves, but comment on blogs around the place; Jackie, I would so like to sit down over a glass or two of wine with you, and daleaway, would you care to come too? Danielle, would you be a starter?

I find this virtual community so enjoyable. I like the sense of connection with other women, living in different parts of these two countries, writing interesting posts and comments about all sorts of things, supporting each other and adding to each other’s work.

The poet, whose blog I miss.

And the wise and quirky Mr Judd. I’m quite keen on trying some of his home roasted coffee, or maybe meeting for a beer or two at a Wellington pub sometime.

I would so like to spend a bit more time with Second Chef, who I met in real life just a few months before we left Wellington. I even worked with her for a while, in one of those two-degrees-of-separation moments which are so common in New Zealand. She’s interesting and warm and witty and well-read and oh so smart and able. What is it with meeting someone just before you are about to leave town?


17 responses to “A meme of fives

  1. There’s quite a few in there I’d like to meet too – lets make a date when you are back here!

    Oh and I miss the poet a lot too

  2. The last time I went past Canberra I met up with Crazybrave and Ampersand Duck (which was splendid), so I’m sure we could manage to find room at a cafe table for you as well next time, Deb!

  3. I’m much wiser in writing than I am in person, unfortunately. But anyway, thank you very much. That cheered up me no end this evening. Beer and/or coffee any time, no worries, just let me know.

  4. I noticed you didn’t mention that you’d lived in Ashhurst.

    btw, cherry ripes are ‘bah’ and ‘phtooey’. I can’t believe you didn’t put anything that’s got PEANUTS in it (like peanut m and ms and picnic bars and snickers).

  5. Oh noes! Donna knows me too well!

    I try to keep Ashhurst a deep, dark, well-hidden secret, and there you go, letting it out to THE WHOLE WORLD!

  6. …thank you for being you on the web and introducing me (albeit electronically) to people like Art & My Life and Harvestbird, among others…/whispers/ oh and I’ve been poeting.

  7. A shoutout on In a Strange Land! I feel so proud! I’m up for wine and conversation any time…

    (I do blog, though. Terribly frivolously, I’m afraid.)

  8. littlegemsession

    I love to get to know you and those fab people you mentioned better too 🙂

  9. Thank you Deborah – I would like to meet you too! I enjoy the Hand Mirror very much. I’ll have to check out the other blogs you mention.

  10. Sing out when you plan a Wellington daytime kaffeeklatsch (I’ll be the one with the hot chocolate). MMMMMMmmm chocolate (mind wanders off…..)…

  11. Ah – community. I love it. It’s the thing that got me back in the blogging harness. And this time around I’ve discovered a wonderfully resurgent/persistant second wave which has made it all so much better. I hope to meet some of you IRL also – perhaps at Drinking Liberally which will be starting soon in Auckland.

  12. sorry didn’t mean to ‘out’ you about the ‘A’ word. Which always seems like it’s spelt wrong…. well, to a girl that grew up in the ‘nua!

  13. I was reading another (Australian) blog. They were discussing the best way to invade New Zealand (it’s a long story). One of the best posts was a pithy comment; a man said, “I spent three months in New Zealand one weekend”.

    It made me think of Palmerston North.

    I spent five years there in the late 1970’s.

    It’s not a place you rush back to.

    Ashhurst is a strange place. One of my professors lived there. He was a strange man.

  14. Hello Deborah! You made my day. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for the mention! Very kind. I’ve got cousins living in Palmerston North, and even went to school there for one day once. I think all NZers are only 2 degrees of separation away (and I’m not even really a NZer).

  16. *blinks* I only just spotted this incoming link! I’m well chuffed, I can tell you that.