What happened to the 40-hour week?

I guess public servants just don’t count as workers. Kevin Rudd has declared that he expects public servants to continue their long working hours.

Funny. I thought Rudd was a Labor leader, someone with a commitment to niceties like the 40-hour work week. Just not when it comes to public servants, it seems.


6 responses to “What happened to the 40-hour week?

  1. They probably don’t have families.

    At least, not any more, not since they started working such long hours and the partner and kids changed the locks.

  2. Uh-oh, only a few months in power and already Rudd’s tone is starting sound like that other sanctimonious “new way” politician, Tony Blair.

  3. One has got to be careful here…
    What consitute long hours? Nothing’s been mentioned! It’s such a general statement. Is 41 hours long, what about 45 hours? Is it because it is longer than 40 hours? Bear in mind, these days working more than 40 hours is the norm for most people, why should there be an exception for public servants? Aren’t they paid a salary from our wages?

  4. I thought public servants only worked 37 and a 1/2 hours anyway.

  5. When I worked in the public service, about 60 hours a week was usual for middle or higher management. Fifty was slacking.

    It’s blokes that are doing it – using their ability to work longer hours than women (who have greater family or domestic responsibilities) to up the ante and cut women out of promotion. A new form of glass ceiling.

  6. Well, let’s play the devil’s advocate here, and suggest that Rudd might be one of those odd birds who actually took one or two of his election promises more or less seriously. Ambitious agendas for change don’t organise themselves. 🙂