Let’s make the first one a real beauty

The inaugural Down Under Feminists Carnival is coming up soon, and you have until the end of the month to get your submissions in. The criteria are casual and relaxed – the way we like it around here, perhaps. Carnival founder, and opening night host Lauredhel, of Hoyden fame, says that:

Anything feminist posted in May from an Australian or New Zealander blogger is fair game.

So have a look though your posts, and send a submission, using the blog carnival form that Lauredhel has set up.

Now is good! Submissions close on 31 May, and the carnival will appear sometime in early June.

The carnival home page is here, and the submission form is here. Be patient with the submission form; I have found that once I have filled in the first box, and clicked on the next, it has a little think, then fills in most of the rest of the form all by itself.

Other things you can do to support the carnival:
– Put the sidebar button on your own blog, and link it to the carnival homepage.
– Contact the awesome carnival founder, Lauredhel, and offer to host the carnival. Lauredhel uses gmail, and her user name there is lauredhelhoyden


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