Moments of enculturation (2)

“Well, what about being sex?” asked one of the Miss Sixes at dinner this evening.

I shot an appalled look at her father, and thought, “Bloody hell. Do I really have to deal with this now, over dinner?”

But she continued.

“I’m sex now, so how many years will it be until I’m eighteen and I can leave home?”

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7 responses to “Moments of enculturation (2)

  1. You make me laugh… Years of being teased by my NZ cousins for my Australian accent – it feels like cosmic justice for a NZer to have that experience from her kids!

    (but I’m sure I would take it badly if my kids did it to me)

  2. has she been hanging out with the wrong sorts of people (i.e. Aussies)?

  3. I think she’s been picking up her bad habits from the other kids at school.

    We burst out laughing after the conversation, and immediately had perplexed kids asking, “What’s so funny?”

  4. Time to come home!

  5. The ability to absorb the accents of those around her shows a high degree of acumen. Mind you the early preparation for departing the nest is pre-planning taken to another level.

  6. So do they like “feesh and cheeps” or “fush and chups” ??