Hating powerful women

Via Feministing, an article on misogynistic Hillary hating. The last paragraph makes much the same point as I made in my post about about the vitriol directed toward Helen Clark because she dares to be a powerful woman.

Hamsher wants to defend Clinton from that kind of attack without being mistaken for a Clinton supporter, which she is not. But she expects there may be some women, otherwise cool to Clinton, who will rally around the senator as the misogyny burns brighter.

Jamieson concurred. “This has the potential to push a lot of moderate Republican women toward her,” she said.


One response to “Hating powerful women

  1. And why wouldn’t the same moderate Republican women — or more pertinently moderate Democrat women — be pushed towards Obama by the repugnant (and not very subtly-coded) race-baiting and Islamo-phobia doing the rounds?

    Guess we’re going to see whether playing the gender card is going to work again.