Daily Archives: Wednesday 30 January 2008

I’m Elinor Dashwood

Julie Fairey sent me a link to this quiz: Which Austen heroine are you? I turn out to be Elinor Dashwood, which surprised me a little, because in recent years the Austen woman I have most identified with is Anne Elliot: I like her reserve, her confidence, as a mature woman, in her own judgement, her constancy and loyalty, and the way she constantly balances the claims that society and her family have on her, with what she thinks she really ought to do. She doesn’t disregard the social context in which she moves, but she is sufficiently self-assured make her own assessment of a situation, and act accordingly.

However I do like Elinor Dashwood too, who takes responsibility, looks after other people, allows herself to feel deeply, but doesn’t force her feelings on everyone around her. She is someone to be admired, though she is not so immediately appealing as Elizabeth Bennett (anyone who doesn’t like Elizabeth Bennett is a fool).

So, take the quiz. Which Jane Austen heroine are you? Post your answers in comments, if you feel so inclined.