A happy day

I have a new niece. She arrived this morning, safe and sound, and my sister-in-law is well, after a very nervous nine months. My brother and his wife have two other children, but the last little one arrived 10 weeks early. She is a bright and bubbly little girl, but she does have some serious physical side effects from her premmie arrival, which came about because her mum experienced some problems. So when my sister-in-law found that she was pregnant again, both she and my brother were worried. This third pregnancy was a risky pregnancy, for my sister-in-law, and for the baby.

I know we all complain about the New Zealand health system, but when the chips are really down, things do happen. The high risk team assisted my sister-in-law and her midwife through the pregnancy and delivery. And this morning that care paid off, with a full term delivery of a beautiful, healthy little girl whose mother is in good health.

Welcome to our family, and to the world, little one. We are so pleased that you are here.


3 responses to “A happy day

  1. CONGRADTULATIONS!! i have a new (well about a month old now) neice!! Im a first time aunt tho…:)

  2. Nieces are cool, I have two. The eight year old one is now a bit obsessed with her fresh new cousin, and spent about an hour yesterday afternoon trying to pretend that she wasn’t attempting to wake him up. Luckily she didn’t succeed in her mission. She’ll find him so much more interesting in a few months.

    We had fantastic maternity care recently in hospital. No pushing us out, lots of really supportive staff, and even the food was quite nice (although it looked awful).

    One thing I worked out recently about the NZ midwife system is that it appears they have to have an enormous number of mothers at any one time to make a living. I calculated that mine would have around 50 on the books – with 6 estimated to deliver each month. That’s a pretty massive workload.

  3. Julie, that’s lovely news. I missed the anouncement, and I have been wondering how things were going, and if your little one had arrived safely. Congratulations! I’m delighted for you.