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51st Carnival of Feminists

The 51st Carnival of Feminists is up on Philobiblon.

42 and all that

For the last 10 years or so, I haven’t gotten around to making any New Year’s resolutions. Not due to moral turpitude, but because my birthday is today, the 14th, which is a very convenient distance from the start of the year. I have time to reflect, to think about what went well in the previous year, what went not quite so well, what could have been done a lot better. And I have time to think about the year ahead. By the time my birthday arrives, I have usually come to some sort of considered thoughts about what I would like to do, what goals I might set myself, for the year ahead.

I haven’t had so much time for reflection this year, caught up as we have been in the turmoil of moving, and settling into our new home. The sheer busyness of all the moving business seems to have driven any capacity for quiet reflection right out of my head. But I do have some plans for the year. First up, settling my children into our new home, and supporting my husband while he gets up and running in his new job. By mid-year or so, I want to find a job of my own, ‘though I’m not quite sure yet what that will involve. Any suggestions about what an ex-accountant, ex-philosophy lecturer and ex-policy analyst could do will be gratefully received.

I plan to continue writing this blog – there’s an election looming at home this year, and it looks, shall we say, interesting.

I plan to garden. Our new home has had a lovely garden, but it is very water-intensive. Even if I wanted to pay the water rates, which I don’t, I’m not sure about the sense of using water hungry plants in the driest state of the driest continent. I have a vague plan about using native South Australian plants, but also making a Roman garden, using only plants that would have been found in a town house in republican Rome. Fortunately that will allow me to use my favourite roses, irises and herbs.

And I plan to cook. Adelaide is food heaven, with fabulous markets, epitomised by the Central Market, well stocked with excellent fruit and vegies, and fantastic cheeses and meats and small goods and olives and breads and anything else foodie you can think of.

As for today, it started with coffee and prezzies in bed, then a friend coming by to visit, with an interesting bottle of wine for me, and we plan to have a picnic dinner at the beach.

All very satisfactory. 42 is a good space to be.