No post


House. Buy? Sell? Rent?

Movers. Which ones?

Six weeks for our furniture to get there. Where to live while that happens?

Cat. Daughter’s cat, so can’t be re-homed. Must go with us. Cattery, pet movers, vet, co-ordinating them all.

School. Can we take children out of school one week, two weeks, three weeks before school year ends?

New school. Which one?

Trying to see friends and family before we go.

Christmas. Here? There?


No post.


11 responses to “No post

  1. Everything will be fine (subject to usual natural vagueries!), this is growth neh?

  2. I like my character just the way it is. Growth schmowth.

  3. Hehe, rules change, change rules. Anon.
    Look where you go, always the same sky!
    Zen proverb.
    We are waiting on a bit of a nail-biter ourselves.

  4. Wow, sounds exciting BUT (;-) ) stressful! I’ve never moved further than across the city, so I don’t have any words of wisdom, but I like merc’s proverb about the same sky.

  5. I think BUT used in the first context is fine because it’s a different usage (it’s not negating, it is vernacular), though you can use AND in that context and lose the BUT, and keep the meaning.
    The second BUT is interesting because I think you do have wisdom to offer.
    The Zen Master would love that you haven’t moved further than across the city because,
    …you can see alot by watching. (Zen proverb).

  6. Gosh you are right, I should/could be using AND! I didn’t even notice my second but. Oh dear, now I am going to snigger everytime I say but in real life.

  7. There is a game…zen practitioners (I’m not one) use to assist with these things. It requires a jar, black beans and white beans. Every time you say (or think) something negative, put a black bean in the jar, every time something positive, a white bean. Over time watch the ratio change. This is to train The Monkey Mind.
    I firmly believe that we colour our interactions with other people and they sense whether they are dealing with a positive or negative person. This also applies with the internet, language nuances our digital interaction and affects our unconscious and so our responses.
    Just a theory.
    NB, another linguistic catch-me is when people say…I’m sorry…then continue their sentence…
    They never are (sorry).
    Also when people preface with…I’m afraid…
    I always say to them immediately…Don’t be.
    It’s funny when they realise that they were unaware that they had said it.

  8. “I’m afraid” and “I’m sorry” as sentance starters can be a form of politeness sometimes though. It simply alerts the other person to the fact that you are about to say something negative.
    I would be pissed of if you said “don’t be” to me.
    About the beans; good idea.

  9. pissed off
    damn typos

  10. Nah you wouldn’t, I’d smile my beguiling smile, you would feel at ease, and we could talk together at an altogether more comfortable level, because i mean it, you don’t need to be afraid round Merc, The drivel Daemon.
    You are right, it is a form of politeness.

  11. I read this today and it sums up the idea that I’m trying to portray,
    “From a psychological point of view, whatever makes us afraid has the potential, if we can try to truly understand it, to make us wise.” Cainer.