Have we moved on?

Thanks to DPF’s birthday post (happy birthday, DPF), I remembered that today is nine-eleven, here in Godzone.

And here are the TV listings for this evening, on the generalist free-to-air channels.

TV One
6.00 – News
7.00 – Close up
7.30 – Coronation Street
8.30 – Whatever Happened To…?
9.30 – The Tudors
10.35 – Tonight

TV Two
6.00 – My Wife and Kids
6.30 – Friends
7.30 – The Amazing Race: All Stars
8.30 – Sensing Murder
10.00 – Police Ten-7

TV Three
6.00 – 3 News
7.00 – Campbell Live
7.30 – Target
8.00 – Money Man
8.30 – NCIS
9.30 – Outrageous Fortune
10.30 – Nightline

6.00 – Who Wants to be a Classic Millionaire
7.00 – The Crown Goes Wild
7.30 – Getaway
8.30 – The Biggest Loser UK
9.30 – Ruby Wax’s Commercial Breakdown
10.05 – Love Spring

Nary a single program about the attack on the twin towers.

Of course, for most of us here, 9-11 did not occur on the 11th of September. My former boss tells a story about this. Six years ago, as usual, he was first up in the morning. He turned on the radio, and then the TV, stunned by the news. Eventually, it was time to wake his teenage daughters, so they could get to school in time. He went along and knocked on their bedroom doors, and urged them to get up. “Today is the day the world has changed,” he said. “You must get up and see what has been happening. You will always remember the 12th of September, 2001.”


So I looked at the TV listings for the 12th of September. But there are no 9-11 programs on tomorrow night either.

Have we moved on?


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