Who pays?

Butterflies and Wheels has linked to this piece of legislation in the Ohio State Legislature. It seeks to make abortion illegal without the consent of the father of the fetus. There are exceptions for rape and incest, but only if the woman provides the name of the person who raped her. There’s also an exception where an abortion is needed to preserve the life or the health of the pregnant woman. Not knowing who the father is doesn’t provide an out from the law.

There’s no requirement for a man who refuses consent to support the woman through the pregnancy, or to support the child once it is born. He can just get his jollies, refuse consent, and waltz off into the sunset. Nice. And even if all this was provided for in the legislation, there’s no recognition that carrying an unwanted pregnancy is not a simple physical transaction.

Amazing. In the land of the free, it’s okay to propose constraining the freedom of women. Of course, we constrain freedoms all the time (although there are some serious risks involved in doing that). But this seems like a particularly one-sided transaction. This proposed legislation gives men a huge degree of control over women’s lives, without even adding any responsiblities, whatsoever.


3 responses to “Who pays?

  1. It’s simply reversing the situation that you’ve expressed content with in the past. Viz, when a man’s consent to sex means accepting responsibility for child support if the woman desires that, you seem to see no wrong. This simply means that the man can do the same. Why is one wrong and not the other?

    The obvious practical problems that arise with both scenarios bother me greatly, but i can’t see a good solution (one that can’t be gamed by at least one party), including the “state pays” one that NZ has partly implemented (the DPB is not a living wage IMO, so it’s not “state pays” in that sense).

  2. Moz, you need to express yourself more clearly, seeing as this is a forum to “use your words”. In addition to that you need to use your logical faculties. This situation is in no way “reversing the situation that you’ve expressed content (sic) with in the past”. If you want to ride your particular hobby horse why don’t you wait until the topic comes up.

  3. Sorry Moz, I was confused about which post you were commenting on. My bad.