Best barista

The top barista in the country works not in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch or Dunedin, not in an up-and-coming provincial city like New Plymouth or Napier, not even in a tourist town like Rotorua or Queenstown. No, he works in a pokey little village that only exists because it’s at the intersection of state highways 3 and 1, just north of Palmerston North. And it’s not even Bulls, one end of the 7km of road where the highways are contiguous. No, it’s Sanson, a tiny little collection of houses, antique shops (for some reason two or three of them have gathered there) and petrol stations, with a few cafes to cater to passing motorists.

Even worse (or better), he runs a coffee cart. Congratulations to Andrew Feldon of the Sanson coffee cart, winner of the Latte Art Championships at the National Coffee Festival.

Air New Zealand should give that man a job.


7 responses to “Best barista

  1. Good lord, I have been through Sanson thousands of times and never would I have thought to have coffee there.
    Since “we all know” that the bad Wellington drivers join the road then, maybe some caffeine would be a good idea.

  2. That stretch of road has always fascinated me. Is it state highway 1? Is it state highway 3? Is it both of them? How can it be two things at once? How can two identities be attached to one physical thing? This is not a case of one identity in one context, and one in another, because the context itself is the same – it’s a road. Maybe the indentity depends on your journey – if you are going from Wanaganui to Palmerston North, then it’s state highway 3, but if you are going from Waiouru to Wellington, it’s state highway 1? But what say you are going from New Plymouth to Levin – at what point does the road change from being state highway 3 into being state highway 1? And is the transition point the same on the way home?

    A little metaphysical speculation might help you to deal with the difficult Wellington drivers.

  3. Remember that as you go along the road, helpful signs tell you when you are entering or leaving various defined geographical areas? Are these the arbiters of the roads’ identity what we might call it’s “roadedness”?
    I do not, personally, subscribe to the difficult Wellington drivers theory, believing that all drivers are equally hopeless and dangerous but it is a wide spread belief in these here parts that once you have passed that turnoff, you are in chaosland.
    It’s very cool that he won the prize, I will stop next time.

  4. The Manawatu Standard has a story about the best barista here. He runs the Street Wise Coffee cart in Sanson.

  5. That’s cool, thanks for letting me know.

  6. hey, i am the coffee guy.. 🙂 The reason i am in sanson, is exactly that.. the 2 state highways, nice wide road, easy to pull over! 🙂 Thanks for the ups people! Pop in for a coffee if you are going past, i usually have my vespa parked out the front!

  7. Hey! Thanks for dropping by. I’m heading up that way in a couple of weeks, and I’m planning to stop for a coffee at your place. I hope you’re doing a roaring trade.