I went into our local Dymocks bookshop to get a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, which my book group is reading (we decided it was time for a ripping yarn). They had a ‘Buy two Classic Penguins, get a free gift’ special running, so I got a copy of Frankenstein too – thank you Merc, for the spur.

And the freebie? As you would expect, it was an … (over the break)



Books and an umbrella for a rainy day. No doubt the umbrella will get wellingtoned sooner or later. But the books will last.


One response to “Penguins

  1. You’re welcome. I have a confession, I have not read Frankenstein in it’s entirety. I have of course seen the films, the Brannagh one being most interesting. I suspect that the central theme is buried for most, I would be interested to hear your reading group’s ideas.
    Does your reading group ever read poetry?