Coffee, but not as we know it

We flew on Air New Zealand yesterday, on the 7am flight from Wellington to Auckland. The inflight service is practically non-existent these days, but they do serve coffee and tea.

I have a well-developed coffee habit, and my day is not right until I have had a cup or two. I’m happy enough with plunger, especially if it’s freshly ground, but a pinch, brewed will do. In some cafes, given the age of the equipment, and the apparent skill of the staff, brewed is a better bet than espresso. At least it isn’t pretending to be something that it isn’t.

I needed my cup of coffee to start the day. But, Air New Zealand served INSTANT coffee hot brown coloured stuff. Or if it wasn’t instant, then it was the worst brewed abomination I had ever tasted.

Don’t drink the not-coffee on Air New Zealand.


One response to “Coffee, but not as we know it

  1. i had one on there a while back, and i saw them mix instant… so i suddenly went with tea for my drink.. just so i could get the cookie! 🙂