First post

This post is just a place holder, until I can get my blog looking the way I want it, and write something worth saying.

I’m hoping to have the blog functioning in a few weeks.

In the meantime, the links under ‘About’ will tell you a little bit about me.


4 responses to “First post

  1. Choice! Sounds like you’re on to better things, oh and FIRST!

  2. FIRST indeed! I am on to better things. And it’s rather nice to have a blog of my own.

  3. Timely, I was talking with D (my partner) about you yesterday, as well as talking with the 12 year olds’ rugby coach (a woman) about how some Mother’s view rugby as part of The Patriarchy (so soccer for their sons). As the Coach is also a PE teacher at an all boys school, her perspectives were really interesting.

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